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I graduated from Texas A&M with about $50K of student loan debt. In April of 2016, almost 3 years after graduating from college, I closed on a 3bedroom home in Dallas, Texas. 

When you think about student loan debt or any debt for that matter it may make you cringe or even worse, give you anxiety. The latter was me. I had debt anxiety. For a while, I felt stifled & depressed. I held on to a victim-mentality for far too long and walked around angry as if I had been given a raw deal. In this article, I'll give you a high level view on how I bought my first house despite having what felt like a huge burden on my shoulders: student loan debt.

I made a decision.

One of the first things you have to do is decide. After deep self-reflection, I decided that I wanted to change the trajectory of my life. Once I figured out how, I actively began to make moves. You have to reach the point where your fears don't hold you back, you run out of excuses, and anything less is simply unacceptable. 


I created goals: Long-term & short-term. 

Owning property is a way to generate wealth. I choose to work in Corporate America and I do love my job but will that solely put me in a place to be Financially Independent? Hmmmm, I don't think so. I plan on retiring earlier than 65 and I don't want to live off of ramen noodles in the meantime. I'd prefer to maximize my income, manage my expenses, but still live my best life! Real estate is what I've decided to use as leverage. 

I saved first and spent last (most of the time).

You have to be budget-savvy. If you cannot manage a basic budget in your day-to-day now, it's going to be really difficult to manage the responsibilities that come along with owning property. When the right opportunity presents itself, you want to be ready and have the cash-on-hand. I'll be posting Tips & Tricks on how I personally apply this technique.

I found resources and absorbed knowledge. 

Years ago, I read Rich Dad, Poor Dad. It's a popular classic. Nowadays I prefer reading blogs and listening to Podcast. One of my personal faves is BiggerPockets. There's so much info out there. The best info comes from personally connecting with others, finding mentors and experts is HUGE. Make sure you are connected to the right people. You need someone to help guide you, for me that was my mom.

Some of you may be thinking: "Where are the actual specific steps as to how you did it Jasmine?" or "This is not specific enough for me, I wanted to read exactly how." Pause. I have to stop you right there. THIS. IS. HOW. Whether you have student loan debt or not, this is where you start. You have to commit, set goals, raise working capital, and be willing to learn. If you aren't seriously interested in these things, you aren't interested in investing in real estate. 

At the ripe age of 24, I bought my first income producing property & I'm proud to say it *dust shoulders off.* I'd do it all over again. If you're in a place where you have taken the steps above but need guidance, reach out to me. I'm more than willing to help! 

Stay Tuned for my next Post: HOW I PLAN TO FIND & FUND MY NEXT DEAL!

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